Meet Schedule 2017-2018

We strive to hold this schedule but sometimes schedules are subject to change.

SC = Short Course-25 meter pool                LC = Long Course-50 meter pool

Swim Meet Event Form - Please click to read

Swim Meet Event Form:

Click Here to download form. This is to be used for all meet entries.

  1. Fill out a meet event form located on the website or SCAT information board at Brewster pool.
  2. Select the dates & event your child wants to swim. Also, circle AM or PM for the session that applies.
  3. If you don’t know what races to enter your child, you will indicate on the form undecided (with # of events you wish to enter each day) & Alex will then select for you.
  4. Sign form.
  5. Give the forms to Alex (There will be no more emailing entries to myself, or Alex).
  6. Alex will approve the races.
  7. Entries will be entered based on your (or Alex’s) selections.


Swim Meets - Please click to read

Swim Meets:

  • Swim Meets are not mandatory but coaches will encourage swimmers to participate.
  • There are on average of 1 swim meet per month (Scheduled on Saturdays or Sundays, sometimes on both days)
  • The coaches will inform you via email, which meets your child(ren) are eligible for.
  • Coaches will choose the events for each swimmer – but they welcome swimmer/parent feedback on what that swimmer should swim
  • Absolutely no parents on the deck at swim meets. Only swimmers, coaches and officials are insured to be on the pool deck
  • If your child really needs to come see you in the stands – we will allow but it is not encouraged because there is a chance they could miss an event
  • Once you have committed to a swim meet, they are paid “a-la-carte” based on your child’s participation. All swim meet payments will be expected immediately upon registration and submitted to only the treasurer of the team. If you do not show up on the date of the meet, you are not refunded the fees
  • All posted pool rules (including those at meets) are to be followed at all times.
Glossary of Swimming Terms - Please click to read

Glossary of Swimming Terms:                                       Click here to view PDF version & download.


  • 25 meters: One length of the pool
  • 50 meters: Two lengths of the pool
  • 100 meters: Four lengths of the pool
  • Cut: A time standard that a swimmer must meet or exceed to be included in a specific competition such as Regional meets
  • Best Time: A best time is achieved when a swimmer exceeds their own previous “best time” in an event – it shows that a swimmer has improved over their own time, regardless of how other swimmers finish
  • DQ: Disqualify
  • Event: This is defined by the age group, sex and swimming stroke, such as Boys’ 10 and under Backstroke. The number of events at each meet varies
  • Event winner: This is the swimmer who has the fastest time in the entire event consisting of all the heats of that event
  • Finishes: This is how a swimmer ends the race by touching the wall in a legal way depending upon the stroke
  • Flags: Backstroke flags are placed at both ends of the pool 15 feet from the end to serve as a warning to backstroke swimmers that they are nearing the wall for a turn or finish.
  • Heat: When an event has more swimmers entered than available lanes, as is usually the case, there are multiple heats of the event
  • Heat Sheet: This is the official schedule of swimmers in their assigned events, heats and lanes drawn up by the coaches. It is usually sold at the meet so that swimmers can see where they will swim
  • Heat Winner: This is the person who comes in first in a particular heat of an event. This does not automatically mean that the swimmer has also won the event, since there are usually multiple heats for any event
  • IM: An event that encompasses all four swimming strokes including Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle. Lengths may vary from 100 meters (one lap of each stroke) to 400 meter (four laps of each stroke)
  • Lane: The pool is arranged into lanes by floating lane dividers so that the swimmers will not interfere with each other during a race. Some pools have 8 lanes, while others only have 6 lanes (those meets may last longer).
  • Meet: A competition between two (dual meet) or more teams with individual swimmers, relays, place ribbons and team scores are kept
  • Meet fees: Fees incurred when a swimmer is registered for a swim meet Relays: Relay races are sometimes offered at the beginning or end of a meet.
  • Meet results: The hosting club records results of your swimmer’s performance at a swim meet. Often these results are posted in a central location in the stands area during the meet. Many meets also make results available online when the meet is in progress. Sometimes “live results” are posted on the host club’s website and/or apps such as “Meet Mobile”. At the completion of a meet, results are filed with Swimming Canada by the hosting club. These results can be viewed electronically on the Swimming Canada website Check under “Events and Results”.
  • Medley relays: feature 4 swimmers each swimming a different stroke beginning with back, breast, fly and free. Free relays feature 4 freestyle swimmers
  • Seeding: This refers to the heat and lane assignment of the swimmer. Swimmers are arranged (seeded) by the best times, with the slowest swimmers in heat 1 and so forth. Further, the fastest swimmers are seeded in the middle of the pool outward.
  • Short Course and Long Course: The competitive swim season is divided into two seasons: Short Course (which runs from September to March) and Long Course (which runs from April to August). Short course races take place in a 25-meter pool; long course races take place in a 50-meter pool.
  • Starting Block: A raised platform that swimmers dive from during competition
  • Starts: This is the entry into the water (generally a dive) or the beginning of the backstroke (push off back dive) at the sound of the starting gun
  • Streamline: Position a swimmer assumes at the start of a lap in which their body and arms are straight with the elbows behind the ears arms squeezing the back of the head
  • Stroke and Turn Judge: A trained volunteer who determines if swimmers are swimming each stroke legally within the guidelines set by Swim Canada Natation, a stroke judge determines if a swimmer will be disqualified
  • Timekeeper: A volunteer who uses a stopwatch to record a swimmer’s time during a swim meet or is a backup timer for a touchpad system
  • Time Standards: Swim Ontario sets time standards for both short course and long course. In Ontario, competitive swimmers aged 12 and under will be entered into “timed final” races at all competitive meets (usually held during afternoon sessions). However, depending on the meet and its events, older swimmers may be entered into “preliminary” races (usually held during early morning sessions). Top swimmers from the preliminary session may qualify for the “finals” session. The results of finals determine the overall placement in the event.
  • Turns: A swimmer who is swimming more than one length of the pool in an event must perform a legal turn at each wall to continue the race. Each stroke has its own turn requirements, which are taught in practice. Turns are needed in the individual medleys, and 50 meter distances for the older swimmers
  • Warm-ups: Each meet begins by having a warm-up period. This is very important so that swimmers do not pull muscles and also allows swimmers to get familiar with the pool
  • WOSA: Western Ontario Swimming Association. Time standards for the region are posted on the WOSA website.
  • Provincial Time Standards: There are 3 sets of standards set by Swim Ontario 1. Swim Ontario Festival Standards: these standards are for swimmers up to age 14. 2. Swim Ontario Age Group Standards: these standards are for swimmers “13 and under” up to age 17 and over. National Time Standards There are 4 sets of standards set by Swimming Canada. 1. Canadian Age Group Championships 2. Speedo Eastern Canadian/Western Canadian Open Standards 3. Canadian Swimming Championship 4. Canadian Swimming Trials To review these standards, please visit WOSA at, Swim Ontario at Swimming Canada at
MonthDateMeet Course TypeLocation Meet Info PackageEntry Due DateStatus
(Click for Info)(Click for Map)(Click to Download)
October28-29 (Sat-Sun)Autumn Invitational (Mississauga Aquatic Club)SCEtobicoke Olympium (Etobicoke)imagescompletecomplete
November4-5 (Sat-Sun)2017 BAD Invitational (Burlington Aquatic Devilrays)SCCentennial Pool (Burlington)imagescompletecomplete
25-26 (Sat-Sun)GHAC November Invitational (GHAC)SCMcMaster University Aquatic Centre (Hamilton)imagescompletecomplete
December3 (Sun)BAD Development Meet (Burlington Aquatic Devilrays)SCCentennial Pool (Burlington)imagescompletecomplete
8-10 (Fri-Sun)Steeltown (Hamilton Aquatic Club)SCMcMaster University Aquatic Centre (Hamilton)imagescompletecomplete
January13 (Sat)Niagara Winter Games Open (GCAC)SCSt Catharines Kiwanis Aquatic Centre (St. Catharines)imagesDec 22, 2017complete
14 (Sun)Brock SC Invitational (Brock Niagara Aquatics)SCBrock University Aquatic Centre (St. Catharines)imagesDec 22, 2017complete
20-21 (Sat-Sun)Joanne Malar (Hamilton Aquatic Club)SCMcMaster University Aquatic Centre (Hamilton)imagesJan 8, 2018complete
February17 (Sat)The Hammer (Hamilton Aquatic Club)LCMcMaster University Aquatic Centre (Hamilton)imagesFeb 5, 2018complete
24-25 (Sat-Sun)GHAC February Invitational (GHAC)LCMcMaster University Aquatic Centre (Hamilton)imagesFeb 16, 2018complete
March3-4 (Sat-Sun)BAD Winter Invitational (Burlington Aquatic Devilrays)SCCentennial Pool (Burlington)N/Anot attending
April6-8 (Fri-Sun)HAC Invitational (Hamilton Aquatic Club)LCMcMaster University Aquatic Centre (Hamilton)imagesMar 23, 2018
28-29 (Sat-Sun)Brock LC Invitational (Brock Niagara Aquatics)LCBrock University Aquatic Centre (St. Catharines)imagesApr 13, 2018
May11-13 (Fri-Sun)Jack McCormick (Hamilton Aquatic Club)LCMcMaster University Aquatic Centre (Hamilton)imagesApr 27, 2018
26-27 (Sat-Sun)GHAC May Invitational (GHAC)LCMcMaster University Aquatic Centre (Hamilton)images

Regionals & Provincials

MonthDateMeetMeet TypeLocationMeet Info PackageStatus
(Click for Info)(Click for Map)(Download)
February 20182-4th (Fri-Sun)2018 Western Region SC Champs (London Aquatic Club)SC (WOSA SC-Qualifiers Only)Canada Games Aquatic Centre (London)imagescomplete
17-18th (Sat-Sun)2018 Ontario Winter Festival Championship (Nepean Kanata Barracudas)SC (Provincial Festival-Qualifiers Only)Napean Sportplex (Ottawa)imagescomplete
March 20181-4 (Thurs-Sun)2018 Ontario Spring Provincial Championships (Etobicoke Swim Club)SC (Provincial Championships-Qualifiers Only)Etobicoke Olympium (Etobicoke)imagesupcoming
June 20188-10th (Fri-Sun)2018 Western Region LC Championships (Brantford Aquatic Club)SC (Provincial Festival-Qualifiers Only)Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre (Brantford)
15-17th (Sat-Sun)2018 Ontario Summer Festival Championships (Markham Aquatic Club)LC (WOSA LC-Qualifiers Only)Markham Pan-Am Centre (Markham)
28-July 1 (Thurs-Sun)2018 Ontario Summer Provincial Championships (Swim Ontario)LC (Provincial Championships-Qualifiers Only)Etobicoke Olympium (Etobicoke)

Meet Schedule 2016-2017

2016/17 Swim Meets - Please click to view
MonthDateMeet Course TypeLocation Meet Info PackageStatus
(Click for Info)(Click for Map)(Download)
October 201623 (Sun)Autumn Invitational (MSSAC)SCEtobicoke Olympium (Etobicoke)imagescomplete
November 20165 (Sat)The 2016 Burlington Open (BAD)SCCentennial Pool (Burlington)imagescomplete
13 (Sun)Fall Skills and Thrills (GMAC)SCGuelph University Aquatic Centre (Guelph)imagescomplete
December 201610-11 (Sat-Sun)Steeltown 2016 (HAC)SCMcMaster University Aquatic Centre (Hamilton)imagescomplete
January 201715 (Sun)Brock SC Invitational (BROCK)SCBrock University Aquatic Centre (St. Catharines)imagescomplete
21-22 (Sat-Sun)Joanne Malar (HAC)SCMcMaster University Aquatic Centre (Hamilton)imagescomplete
February 20174-5 (Sat-Sun)GHAC February Invitational (GHAC)SCMcMaster University Aquatic Centre (Hamilton)imagescomplete
18 (Sat)2017 Hammer LC Invitational (HAC)LCMcMaster University Aquatic Centre (Hamilton)imagescomplete
April 20178-9 (Sat-Sun)Stratten & Bond Invitational (GHAC)LCMcMaster University Aquatic Centre (Hamilton)imagescomplete
29-30 (Sat-Sun)Brock LC Invitational (BROCK)LCBrock University Aquatic Centre (St. Catharines)imagescomplete
May 201712-14 (Fri-Sun)Jack McCormmick (HAC) LCMcMaster University Aquatic Centre (Hamilton)imagescomplete
20 (Sat)In-house Time Trial (HAC) LCMcMaster University Aquatic Centre (Hamilton)imagescomplete

Regionals & Provincials

MonthDateMeetMeet TypeLocationMeet Info PackageStatus
(Click for Info)(Click for Map)(Download)
February 201718-19th (Sat-Sun)2017 Ontario Winter Festival - Provincial Festival (ESWIM)SC (Provincial Festival-Qualifiers Only)Etobicoke Olympium (Etobicoke)imagescomplete
24-26th (Fri-Sun)2017 Western Region SC Regionals (LAC)SC (Regionals-Qualifiers Only)Canada Games Aquatic Centre (London)imagescomplete
March 20172-5 (Thurs-Sun)2017 Ontario Spring Provincial Championships (BRANT)SC (Provincial Championships-Qualifiers Only)Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre (Brantford)imagescomplete
June 20172-4th (Fri-Sun)2017 Western Region LC Regional Championships (WAC)LC (Regionals-Qualifiers Only)Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre (Windsor)imagescomplete
24-25th (Sat-Sun)2017 Ontario Summer Festival - Provincial Festival (MAC)SC (Provincial Festival-Qualifiers Only)Markham Pan-Am Centre (Markham)imagesupcoming
29-July 2 (Thurs-Sun)2017 Ontario Summer Provincial Championships (SWMON)LC (Provincial Championships-Qualifiers Only)Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (Toronto)images

Meet Schedule 2015-2016

2015/16 Swim Meets - Please click to view
November 201522nd (Sun)Fall Skills and Thrills (GMAC)SCGuelph Universitycomplete
December 201512th (Sat)Winter Novice Invitational (GHAC)SCCentennial Burlingtoncomplete
January 201610th (Sun)Brock SC Invitational (BROCK)SCBrock Universitycomplete
23rd (Sat)January Novice Invitational (GHAC)SCCentennial Burlingtoncomplete
February 20166-7th (Sat-Sun)February Invitational (GHAC)SCMcMaster Universitycomplete
21st (Sun)Winter Skills and Thrills (GMAC)SCGuelph Universitycomplete
26-28th (Fri-Sun)Western Region SC ChampionshipsSCBrantfordcomplete
April 20162nd (Sat)April Novice Invitational (GHAC)SCCentennial Burlingtoncomplete
9-10th (Sat-Sun)April Invitational (GHAC)LCMcMaster Universitycomplete
24th (Sun)Spring Skills and Thrills (GMAC)SCGuelph Universitycomplete
May 201614-15th (Sat-Sun)Jack McCormick (HAC)LCMcMaster Universitycomplete
28-29th (Sat-Sun)Stratten and Bond Invitational (GHAC)LCMcMaster Universitycomplete
June 20163-5th (Fri-Sun)Western Region LC Regional ChampionshipsLCWindsorcomplete

Regionals & Provincials

February 201626-28th (Fri-Sun)Western Region ChampionshipsSCBrantfordcomplete
June 20163-5th (Fri-Sun)WOSA RegionalsLCWindsorcomplete

Meet Schedule 2014-2015

2014/15 Swim Meets - Please click to view
NovemberGHAC CompSat November 15thMcMaster
GMAC Skills & ThrillsSun Novermber 23rdGuelph
DecemberGHAC NoviceSun December 7thCentennial Pool
JanuaryBrock SC InvitationalJanuary 11Brock University
2015 GHAC Winter InvitationalJanuary 24-25thMcMaster
GHAC Novice InvitationalSat January 31stCentennial Pool
FebruaryThe HammerSat February 14thMcMaster
GMAC Skills & ThrillsSun February 22ndGuelph
AprilGHAC Long CourseSat/Sun April 11-12thMcMaster
GMAC Skills & ThrillsSun April 26thGuelph
MayGHAC Long CourseSat/Sun May 23-24thMcMaster
GHAC NoviceSat May 30thCentennial Pool


MonthMeetDateLocation / Course Type
FebruaryWOSA SC ChampionshipsFebruary 6-8th, 2015Windsor
JuneWOSA 13 & Over LC RegionalsJune 5-7th, 2015London
WOSA 12 & Under LC RegionalsJune 13-14th, 2015Waterloo
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