Hey everyone,

This should be the final email for the upcoming Steeltown meet this weekend. There is a slight change in warm-up times as our afternoon sessions both now start at 2 pm – 2:55 pm. Please be on deck by the start of warm up. Meet begins at 3 pm, see revised meet package attached.

I have also attached revised entry and fee reports. If you have not yet paid, please bring in prior to meet.

Please read the info below from the HAC meet manager;

Minor modifications to warm-up times; meet package to be replaced on Swim Canada shortly — Saturday PM session is 30 min earlier (warm-up starts at 2 PM) and Sun AM starts 30 min later (9 am warm-ups and 1 0 am start).  Warm-up times for AM (9 am) and PM (2 pm) sessions on Sat and Sun are now identical.  Friday time is unchanged (5 pm).

Parking vouchers will be available for coaches, volunteer officials and anyone purchasing a program.  Snacks and lunch throughout and between Sat/Sun sessions.  High point trophies after two sessions are combined – be sure to advise of any issues ASAP following session results being posted (and uploaded to Meet Mobile).

Please remind all coaches and families that this is exam time at McMaster and we will need the gallery doors closed (Fri and Sat) at all times, and that people should attempt to observe quiet in the common areas to afford students the best exam environment.  This will also mean that many students will be using the parking lots—plan accordingly!

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