Club Officials

Officiating is a vital part of competitive swimming and this year S.C.A.T. anyone interested in starting the journey up the officiating ladder.  You can contact our Officials Chair, Christine van Egmond for more information,


Becoming a Swim Meet Deck Official

To become an official in swimming requires some knowledge of the sport. You can gain that knowledge very quickly by helping out at swim meets. Throughout the swim season, S.C.A.T. will arrange clinics to be conducted for those wishing to officiate. Our region may also hold Regional Officials Clinics, where several different clinics are offered over a full day. All on-deck officials start off with the Intro to Swimming Officiating that includes a timekeeper component. They then move on to Level II Clinics which includes the majority of other on-deck positions such as Stroke and Turn, Clerk of Course, Chief Timer, etc. Our team is getting bigger and better. More swimmers are qualifying at the Regional and Provincial level. According to Swim Ontario, to participate in Regional and Provincial meets, Stoney Creek needs to provide Officials to assist on deck. This year we are requesting that one parent works toward getting certified in Level 1 as a Timekeeper. We will be sending out more information at a later date.

Swim Ontario – Education and Development Pathway



Introduction to Swimming Officiating


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